Welcome to my custom 'rag' rug shop!  Add beauty, comfort and warmth to your home with one of my hand crocheted rag rugs - you'll love how they brighten up your rooms with a touch of color!  The rugs below were custom made to go with my customer's quilt ...





These rugs are extremely durable, lasting many years. To clean them, just pop them in the washer and dryer - they come out great!  Note:  the ones that need special care to clean will be noted in their descriptions. 


Please give me the privilege of making one or several for your home. Or try giving one for a gift - they are very  well received and they are gifts that keep on giving because they last so long.


To see a gallery of some custom orders I've done, click here ... Gallery


Or, if you'd rather make your own rag rugs, I can help there, too.  I have rag fabric mill-ends sold by the pound, macrame cord, rag rug and basket patterns - crochet, knit, and also patterns for coiled rugs and baskets.  There's a braided rug kit, patterns, and even some supplies including linen lacing ... check it out, it's a fun place to browse!


 Enjoy your visit and stop by often!  

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 I accept PaypalI prefer PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions! , credit cards , money orders and personal checks.  Just e-mail me with your order and zip code, and I'll get back to you with a confirmation that includes the shipping amount shortly. 


Thanks for visiting my online shop.  I hope you'll stop back often to see what I've added.                                                 Carol

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