2mm Amy or Bonnie Braid Macrame Cord (minimum s/h of $12)


AMY cord (nylon) is a 2mm nylon cord which is perfect for use in crochet, macramé and jewelry projects.

Most Amy cord is $2.20 per 25 yard skein or hank (metallic ones are $2.65).  Colors are shown below.


Bonnie Braid (polypropelene) 2mm-100yd rolls ($4.89) available in these colors only: white, red, forest, black, jute, sunshine, royal, orange, brown, kelly, purple, cinnamon.



RETURNS: are to be sent to the factory in Bradford, NOT to me personally (see packing slip), but first, please let me know what you're returning and why so I know how to adjust inventory.   The packing slip MUST be included in the box along with a return number that I have to give you when you call or email me. Please make sure you get a tracking number when you send it.

There will be a restocking fee of 20% on all returns and exchanges (except when the factory is in error), and of course extra s/h for new colors sent out when exchanging.   S/h is non-refundable.



Amy 2mm - White


Amy 2mm - Ivory


Amy 2mm - Tan


Amy 2mm - neon yellow


Amy 2mm - Sunshine


Amy 2mm - dijon


Amy 2mm - Gold


Amy 2mm- mango


Amy 2mm - Orange


Amy 2mm - cinnamon


Amy 2mm - Brown


Amy 2mm - Sky


Amy 2mm - ocean


Amy 2mm - Royal


Amy 2mm - stone


Amy 2mm - Shadow


Amy 2mm Pink


Amy 2mm - neon pink


Amy 2mm - coral


Amy 2mm Red


Amy 2mm - cranberry


Amy 2mm - lavender


Amy 2mm - Purple

Amy 2mm - navy


Amy 2mm - neon green


Amy 2mm - cactus


Amy 2mm - meadow


Amy 2mm - kelly green


Amy 2mm - forest green


Amy 2mm - black


Amy 2mm - USA


Amy 2mm - white with silver metallic ($2.65)


Amy 2mm - white with gold metallic ($2.65)




The cord below will be shipped from my home, with a separate shipping charge.

The cord below is $3.00 per 25yd roll.


Amy 2mm - neon yellow chip

(chips in it are red, orange, pink and green)



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