Braided & Twined Rug Patterns

[Linen Lacing, Rug Braiding Tools] [Wool fabric]

Disclaimer:  Many of these patterns are out of print and stock is limited, therefore the prices

will not match what is printed on the booklets.




Complete rug braiding info and pictures which the author printed at home (the copyright is hers) and put in a clear folder.  She's working on having them published but those won't be available for quite awhile so all we have are the original copies that she made and sold to me. 

20 pages, 8.5x11"

JNaylor ... $15.00


Braided Rug Book by Norma Sturges



Country Holiday Hearth

BC87100 ... $10.50


Country Christmas Cupboard ... includes gingerbread swag, jar toppers, garland, potholder, apron, towel caddy, bread basket, seat cover, oval rug, hallway/table runner, canister lid cover, basket, placemat, coaster, napkin ring.

BC87200 ... $8.50


Country Collectibles Booklet by Shirley Botsford (Braid Craft)



Country Kitchen Leaflet by Shirley Botsford (Braid Craft)



Country Baby Patterns by Shirley Botsford (Braid Craft)




Regular Braid Craft Kit: beginner braided rug kit

BCkit ... $21.00

(includes 3 metal braidcrafters, 1 small clamp, 1 lacer, some lacing cord, braiding instructions with projects)

 ... by Shirley Botsford




Deluxe Braidcraft beginner braided rug kit: includes regular kit, plus two booklets (may be different than pictured, depending on what I have in stock at the time) ...

      Deluxe BCkit .....$28.50



Bright Ideas in Braid Crafts: instructions for basket, rug, placemats, hot pad and napkin ring.

 BC1262 ... $5.50




Bohemian Braid Rugs for the Beginner by Diana Blake Gray





Chain Braid Rugs by Diana Blake Gray


R4-04.....$9.50   Learn the basics of the Chain Braid method of creating traditional rugs from fabric strip.



Multi-strand braids for Flat Braided Rugs

R4-05-016 ... $15.00




Let's Braid: how to make an oval rug

Let'sBraid oval.....$8.75



Fern Carter's Braided Rug Book #1

FernCarter #1 ... $14.75



Beautiful Braiding

  BeautifulBraiding ... $14.75




Bread Wrapper Rug and More, with tips on how to cut the wrappers.  The patterns are mostly for crochet, but some braid, knit, weave.




Braiding Rugs A-3




Braided Rugs (with fabric cord which is sold here)



Twined Rag Rugs by Bobbie Irwin

B.Irwin.....$24.00   (beautiful, informative book)


Old Better Homes & Garden book...

over 40 projects with 17 techniques.





On-line instructions for rug braiding

Fabric      Macrame Cord



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