Craft Coiling Cord


                                                     (basket that my customer made with the coiling cord).

Craft coiling for basket and rug-making: (s/h in 48 states is $12 for 1st roll, $3 for each additional roll, excluding the 1500ft roll)

1/4" coiling cord 180ft   $14.95
1/2" coiling cord 100ft   $16.95
3/4" coiling cord   50ft   $16.95


RETURNS: are to be sent to the factory in Bradford, NOT to me personally (see packing slip), but first, please let me know what you're returning and why so I know how to adjust inventory.   The packing slip MUST be included in the box along with a return number that I have to give you when you call or email me. Please make sure you get a tracking number when you send it. There will be a restocking fee of 20% on all returns and exchanges (except when the factory is in error), and of course extra s/h for new colors sent out when exchanging.   S/h is non-refundable.


To see patterns using this cord, click here



Fabric Covered Cords (pre-wrapped cord to use for baskets, rugs, etc).

Patterns are below the cord...



Fabric-covered cording used for rug-making, basket-weaving, etc. (See patterns below)


(the number before the name is the number of rolls available, not an item number)

1/4" - 30' rolls: ($7.50/roll)

6 yellow floral (top row, 6th from left)

2 medium green floral (top, 4th from right)


1/4" - 750' rolls: (or .75/yard for any amount)

1 green dot

1 green heart print

1 solid red (368' left)

1 yellow floral (738' left)

1 peach print (top row, 2nd from left)


5/8" - 18' rolls: ($9/roll)

13 navy floral


(misc amt) natural green red print 5.8" wide

(misc amt) peach print 5.8" wide


5/8" ($1.50/yard)

1 natural solid, 70yds available

1 navy floral, 79yds

1 yellow floral, 70yds

1 peach print, 83yds



Braided Rugs with Fabric Cord

DO2026 ..... $12.50


Welcome Rugs from Design Originals, by Suzanne McNeill (also with fabric cord)





Fabric      Patterns