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The macrame cords below cannot be ordered in different colors than what are shown.  I have a limited amount in each color (in parenthesis), and when it's gone, it's gone... that's why the price is discounted.  I bought these at a close-out sale and am passing the savings on to you.


Note:  the cord on this page is shipped from my home.  The cord on the other pages is shipped from the factory.  Therefore if you order the discount and the regular cord, you'll have to pay double shipping.  If you're going to buy Bonnie Braid, it would be cheaper to get all Bonnie and have it shipped together, but the choice is yours.





*** I have quite a few rolls of miscellaneous brands that I'm selling for $6ea.  There are some braided and some twisted cord.  Various colors. 

If you're not picky, just let me know how many rolls you want, and if you want braid or twist and I'll fill a box for you at $6/roll.




Bonnie Braid 6mm-100yd: $7.40



   mauve (1)







Please read the descriptions of the macrame cords below carefully, as they are all different sizes. 

All macrame cord is braided unless noted.




2mm-100yd (twisted like string), synthetic: White w/Brown (16) @ $4.75






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