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My free macrame cord RUG pattern (crocheted)

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(I have permission from Pepperell to publish these below for you to use)

Patriotic Red, White & Blue Windsock

Supplies: 1 brass ring 6

58 Yards each of red, white & royal Bonnie Braid 6MM

Cut 16 cords of each color in 3 yard pieces.  Larks head them onto the 6 ring 8 cords per color around the ring. You will have a red, white & blue section twice on the ring. You will have 96 cords now hanging down.

Do 12 rows of square knots.

Start with a blue section and leave 1 cord hanging and braid the next 6 cords together then leave 1 blue hanging. Do the same for each section around the windsock. Use elastics to keep the braids together. When complete you will have 2 cords hanging between each braid.  Cover the elastics by wrapping cord of the same color twice around the elastic and fusing the cord to the back.  Leave 10 of a tail on each cord and fuse the ends of them.

Cut 2 cords of each color 3 ft. long and braid together to make the hanger.

Attach to opposite sides of the windsock by knotting 3 cords to 3 cords around the ring. (knot will be inside the windsock.)  Then cut excess and fuse to the inside of the windsock.


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