Linen Lacing, Rug Braiding Tools

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Linen Lacing, Cotton Lacing, rug warp (cord, twine, thread, twine, whatever you want to call it) Please order linen by letter.



A) Waxed linen lacing, 20yd, 3-ply, 1/16" (1.5mm) - black (1), natural, brown  $5.00 ea



D)  6/4 Waxed 100% raw Linen Lacing Cord .041" (1mm) strength 38#, 1800ft roll - 1 lb.  Tan only.    $40.00 (s/h is $8 in USA)


E)  6/4 Waxed 100% raw Linen Lacing Cord .041" (1mm) strength 38#, 450ft roll - 5oz.  Tan only.    $16.00 (s/h $4.50 in USA)


K9/6 Waxed 100% raw Linen Lacing Cord .046 (1.2mm) strength 58#, 1200ft roll - 1 lb. Tan only.  $40.00 (s/h is $8 inUSA)


M) Victor 4-cord waxed 100% Pure linen lacing cord (0.84mm) strength 22#, 645ft roll - 4oz Natural only. $20 (s/h $4.50 in USA)



N) Victor 4-cord waxed 100% Pure linen lacing cord (0.84mm) strength 22#, 2550ft roll - 1 lb.  Black only.  $75 (s/h $8 in USA).



F)  Pure Linen Lacing from Braid-Aid:  3-ply, 2oz., 225yd. natural. Ask about availability.      $33.00   (s/h $4.50 in USA)



G)  Pure Irish Linen from Braid-Aid: 6-ply, 4oz, 225yds, natural. Ask about availability.    $48.75   (s/h $4.50 in USA)




H)  Unwaxed Linen Lacing: 6-ply, 4oz, 240yds,  available in natural or black.       $29.75.  (s/h $4.50 in USA)



P)  Victor Waxed Linen Lacing: 6-ply, 4oz, 150yds, black only.  $24.75.  (s/h $4.50 in USA)



L) Lox-Rite cotton tubular lacing splicing cord, 9-ply, 1/2 lb., natural or very dark brown.    $26.50 (s/h $4.50 in USA)

Eliminate knots by splicing (instructions included with purchase).   




J)  BraidCraft cotton lacing 25yd, natural color only.       $3.25






Rug Braiding Tools

Table Clamps for braiding...

Braid-aid Klamp - heavy duty metal table clamp for braiding rugs.

  Braid-aid clamp.....$26.00 pre-owned but in very good condition (supply is limited).

I also have some with small rust spots on them ... R) $24.00

or tarnished from age (should be able to shine these up if you want) ... T)$24.00



Le-sure clamp with swivel head ... $24.00 (might be a different color than pictured) . 

I also have some of the same type but the head doesn't swivel and they have small imperfections ...  Generic $15.00



Cox C-clamp ... $22.50



Used rigby table clamp ... $48-65.00 depending on condition (check for availability)



Craft-mate Over the Door Clamp ...

tension control tool for braiding and/or macrame, twisting yarn, knotting cords.

Door Clamp.....$18.00



Strip-it fabric slitting tool (plastic fabric cutter).

Turn fabric into strips for braiding, etc. - with ease!  Simply pull pieces of fabric through the tool and it instantly cuts them into uniform strips ready for braiding.  Adjusts to cut 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5" strips.  It clamps securely to almost any table.  

The blades are easily replaceable.  The tool cuts cotton, wool, ribbon, etc.

  Strip-it tool ..... $16.00


Package of 10 Strip-it replacement blades ... $7.00




Fabric Folders or Cones:


Braid-aid 3-way or Simplicity Cones:

(Set of 3 adjustable cones, for fabric 1.25-1.5" wide.) 

front view  back view  Braid-aid 3-way/SimplicityCones ... $20.50/set of 3



Vari-folders by Braid-aid - two styles: 

(Set of 3 adjustable heavy-duty cones, for fabric 1-2.25" widths.)

Varifolders adjust a couple of different ways to handle varying widths and types of fabric.

  Vari-folders, new style (without end gate) ... $24.50/set of 3


Varifolders, old style (with end gate - see large end) ... $29.50/set of 3



Braidcraft Cones: Set of 3.  Can use 1.25-8" wide strips depending on the thickness of the fabric.  I would say these are designed for cotton but can be used with other fabric too.

The opening itself is about 1.75" wide.

  Braidcraft Cones ... $16.50/set of 3  or  Single Cone ... $6.00




Braidkin Lacing needle - metal. $6.00 each