Macrame Lawn Chair and Hammock Patterns



Disclaimer:  Many of these patterns are out of print and stock is limited, therefore the prices will not match what is printed on the booklets.  Also, many of the booklets are used.


Note:  it takes 200yds of 6mm  macrame cord to make a chair and 400yds to make a hammock.  


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Garden Spot Chairs by Design Originals:  macrame lawn chair patterns for cow, hot air balloon, dinosaur, sunflower, palm trees, rose, prancing horse, spider, bee, snake, turkey, checkerboard, mask, multi color checkerboard  

DOC3109.....$20.50 (Out of print - only a couple left)




Have a Seat: complete step-by-step macrame guide and patterns for lawn chairs, footstools, chaise lounge, hammock and basic plant hanger. Includes 17 patterns and full color photographs of all projects.




Macrame Elegance II vintage booklet: plant hangers and hammock patterns.

MacII ... $18.00



Misc hammock pattern.

MiscHam ... $12.00




Seats for You:  42 corded chair patterns including astrological signs, maple leaf w/wo Canada on it, fleur-de-lis, sea plane, ship's wheel, spaniel, puppy, siamese cat, wolf, black/white rooster, phoenix, 4-leaf clover, hearts, rose, reflections, western boot,  road grader, alphabet/numbers, kid's chair teddy bear, anchors, bat ball and diamond  , happy gardener, scotch thistle, guitar, palm tree, bear head, fire engine, 8-ball, heart/doves,




Seat Yourself : macrame lawn chair patterns for snowflake, sailboat, loon, guitar, lady golfer, male golfer, fish & anchor, eagle, cards, buck and 2 geometric patterns.

GR9603.....$18.00  (Out of print - only a few left)



Sitting Pretty - 15 macrame lawn chair patterns by Plaid: revive old chairs - make new ones




Patio Chair Favorites - 14 southwest designs, including designs for lounge chair and footstool.

PL8396 ..... $20.00 (may have writing in/on it)  (Out of print - only a few left)


Macrame Chairs for Country  Living - 12 patterns for creating lawn & patio chairs (and a footstool). 

Easy weaving technique for reviving chair frames.  Check out the neat round framed chair!

Not pictured is a "gone fishing" chair, too.

PL8313 ..... $24.00  (Out of print - check on availability)


Personal Choice - 13 designs plus alphabet.  Includes dog, robin, airplane, bingo, chicken, goose, Indian chief,

monograms, hot air balloon, largemouth bass.

PL8528 ..... $20.00 (rare item).


Big Buck

Big Buck ..... $12.00 (1 pattern in leaflet, ask about availability)


Chairs for the Sitting - 10 macrame lawn chair patterns by Plaid: includes adult and children's chairs




Seating Patterns for macrame chairs by Plaid: 15 geometric designs

PL8452...$24.50  (Out of print)



Macrame Chairs for the Seasons: 12 designs for seasonal pleasure




Sittin' Places for Kids by Plaid: macrame lawn chair patterns for kids and adults.

PL8165.....$20.00 (very hard to find booklet)



The Sunny Side of Macrame (NOT brand new, but in good condition):

large furniture and fun projects: hammock, sling chair with footstool, divider screen, camp stool, swing.  Also includes smaller decorative projects: wind chimes, wall hangings, window curtain, plant hangers, wreath.




Lawn Chairs: macrame lawn chair patterns include upper case letters, teacher #1, musical notes, eagle, football, soccer ball, baseball glove, bat & ball, soccer ball & mom, recycle symbol, train engine, tractor, motocross bike, antique car, roadster winner car, monarch butterfly, teddy bear, cowboy boot, cat, bulldog, puppy, prancing deer, USA with stars, USA star..

DO5091chairs.....$20.50  (Out of print - only a few left)


Furniture Fan-fare - Plaid 7516



Second Furniture Fan-fare - Plaid 7629  initials, geometrics, plus child size teddy bear and baby blocks



Chair DVD ...

Instructional DVD shows how to make a woven lawn chair with macramé cord - no patterns included ...$15



TL01: Thunderbird, Owl, Saguaro (Cactus), Southern Cross, Indian Trail, Fire Burst





TL03: Roadrunner, Morning Ray, Unicorn, Cliff Art, Kachina (Aztec Design), Deco Squares




TL04: Kitten, Quail Trail, Over the Rainbow, Indian Summer, Sailboats, Borderline




TL06:  Square Dancers, Points to Ponder, Motor Home, Burro, Diamond Overlay, Cardinal-Jay




TL07: Back Forty (Tractor), Straight Arrow, Bear Facts, Hopi Print, Musical Notes, Indian Artistry

TL07.....out of print ... $12



TL09: Mission Church, Arrowhead, Horse, Square Deal, Mallard, Tribal Weave




TL10: Coyotes, Bowling, Humming Birds, Tepee Village, Puppy Love, Rollin-in-Clover




TL11: Tee Time, Buffalo, Up Up She Goes (Balloon), Lovebirds, Tulip Garden, Papa Rooster





TL13: Windmill, Prancer (Pony), Skier, Tribal Lands, School Days, Stars & Stripes




TL14: Sailboat, Crazy Squares, Masked Bandit (Raccoon), Poodles, Pottery Scene, Tennis Player




TL15: Semi Truck, Kokopelli, Play Ball (Baseball), Sunflowers, Polly Parrot, Race Antique Car





TL16: Two sizes of Alphabets and Regular & Reverse Letters




Child's Chair Patterns: Puppy, Kiddie Car, Bunny, Carousel, Teddy Bear, Turtle, Ballerina, Penguin, Simplicity, Heart






Free macrame cord patterns (including USA lawn chair pattern)




Fabric      Macrame Cord


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