Rug Rug Patterns


These booklets teach you how to make rag rugs  ...

these rag rug instructions patterns are to crochet


To order, just email me with product #, price and quantity.


Disclaimer:  Most of these patterns are out of print and stock is limited, therefore the prices

will not match what is printed on the booklets.


My free macrame cord rug pattern (crochet Chain Medallion Rug)


Regular Plastic Crochet Hooks - N, P, Q, S  $3.50 each    

I also have some used Q hooks without the end-caps for $2.25 each.



Crochet Designs by Le Ragge Ruggs:  14 quick and easy designs.




Annie's Attic - Rag Crochet - Annie's Do and Learn Way

AA288X.....$19.00 (excellent book, great illustrations)   


Annie's Attic rag crochet Do and Learn video

AAvideo2 ... $18.50 


How to Rag Crochet by Annie's Attic - OOP

AA874512.....$32.00  (VERY RARE, and FULL of wonderful illustrations)


AA video: How to crochet with yarn or fabric.



From Rags to Raves - OOP from Annie's Attic, a little bit of everything as shown: chair pads, hot pads, rugs, purse, baskets, toilet seat cover, utensil holder, etc.



Stylish Rugs for Every Room (crochet using fun yarns)



Leisure Arts Fabric Rugs & Table Settings 

      (my favorite pattern book)

LA2235.....$22.00 (OOP, only a few left - think of as a collectors item)


Design Originals Rag Crochet Baskets & Rugs



Simplicity Crafts


This is a pattern package instead of a booklet, but it has all the directions to crochet these lovely things.


   Leisure Arts Rags to Rugs - book 2



    Design Originals Rag Bag Rugs



     Design Originals Granny Rugs: rag rug crochet patterns



Leisure Arts Crocheted Patchwork Rugs



Annie's Attic Patio and Porch Doilies (uses macrame cord or yarn)



Annie's Attic Porch Doilies (uses macrame cord or yarn)



Leisure Arts Flowers at your Feet       Nice & Country Rugs to Crochet

LA1414.....$9.00       LA1164.....$8.50


McCall's Crafts, directions are printed but not in book form.






Fabric      Macrame Cord


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